#BuySocial:The KitchenFront CIC

#BuySocial; Kitchen Front CIC


What does your social enterprise sell?


We sell an improvement in health and wellbeing by teaching cookery education and basic cooking skills. We run classes for the elderly, unemployed, disabled, bereaved and those who have found themselves in a caring role. There is particular emphasis on men. We also teach classes to enable people to cook from scratch e.g. Workshops on Sourdough and Preserving Food, thus enabling people to be more thrifty in the kitchen.


How can members of the public/businesses buy it?


We advertise all our courses on our Website www.thekitchenfrontcookery.co.uk or facebook page The KitchenFront CIC


Why did you start your social enterprise/what motivates you and/or your team?


Because we truly believe that being able to cook boosts health and wellbeing. We believe everyone should be able to cook and look after themselves thus ensuring they do not live on unhealthy, expensive ready meals. Children need to know how to cook to prevent obesity in later life. Many older men have never had to cook for themselves and now many are becoming carers and are unable to fulfil this task. Many couples want to share the cooking chore enabling both to live more fulfilled lives. Cookery classes, being task focused are an ideal way of meeting people, ultimately everyone benefits.


What does 'success' look like for your social enterprise?


Getting to the people who actually need to learn to cook and enabling them to replicate food at home for others. Opening people's eyes to the fact that hospitality often starts with food, or the offer of a cup of tea.  Cooking can alleviate loneliness.


What's been the most difficult thing about running your social enterprise?


Publicity on a budget.                               


What's been the most rewarding experience running your social enterprise?


When you run a course with people who, frankly, didn't really want to be there but then really concentrate, start asking questions and produce a fantastic dish which they are so proud of to take home.


Most difficult thing


Trying to do everything and be an expert at all things on a budget whilst also trying to stay focussed on your mission


Contact details Sarah Cripps


Web address



Thekitchenfront CIC