#BuySocial: Turtle Dove

#BuySocial: Tutle Dove 

What does your social enterprise sell?

Events assistance; a small team to help with tasks such as setting up, guest registration, serving food & drinks and assisting with clearing away. We also have vintage china to hire with our team.


How can members of the public/businesses buy it?

Through contacting hello@turtledovecambridge.com or 07902851151


Why should people try to #buysocial? What impact do your customers make?

Our customers bring value to our team who often haven't felt valued - giving them a role, a purpose and appreciation that goes a long way.


Why did you start your social enterprise/what motivates you and/or your team?

Through research and feedback from young women across a social inclusion programme, the need for specific, alternative youth work for young women was identified.

What does 'success' look like for your social enterprise?

Integrating, encouraging and esteeming young women into the community of Cambridge.


What's been the most difficult thing about running your social enterprise?


What's been the most rewarding experience running your social enterprise?

Coming and surviving this far.