#BuySocial: Emmaus Suffolk

#buysocial: Emmaus Suffolk


What does your social enterprise sell?


It would be easier to say what don't we sell..

Clothing all genres, shoes, bags, jewellery,furniture, electrical, books,  CDs DVDs, Upcycled one off creations of Furniture, soft furnishings, jewellery,SESI refillable vegan friendly household products,Re-made chalk paints, and we have a café too selling drinks and cakes.


How can members of the public/businesses buy it?


We post online so people can contact us and we can arrange postag/delivary for online sales or they can come into either of our branches to buy.


Why should people try to #buysocial? What impact do your customers make?


There are already so many items on the planet and as a consumer with a conscience we should be reusing what already exists instead of just buying more and more cheap disposable items.

Plus it gives people a chance to be more individual ass our enterprises cater for all tastes, from lovers of vintage and modern alike.

Each customer hopefully takes away a positive experience, and item of preloved treasure and a story to pass on the their friends and family so that more and more will opt in to a preloved life.


Why did you start your social enterprise/what motivates you and/or your team?


We wanted to make a tangible difference to people that have been, or are currently homeless, have been out of work for some time or may feel socially excluded for many reasons.

To engage with them, and make them part of a family that would see them flourish and grow into bing the best they can be.

To bring the community together, and provide people the opportunity to buy good quality affordable items.


What does 'success' look like for your social enterprise?


Success is not measured in a healthy profit sitting in the bank, but by covering our overheads and by how many people we have helped to make a difference too, by hopefully providing housing in the future, or jobs as we grow.


What's been the most difficult thing about running your social enterprise?


I don't see them as difficulties, only challenges. Space for storage, and time to do everything I would say are the most challenging things. It's hectic, busy and full on, but that's what makes it fun!


What's been the most rewarding experience running your social enterprise?


Being able to help people setting up new homes by giving them a small resettlement package of essential items and creating jobs to ease people off the benefit trap.#

Being part of the community and bringing people together.


Contact details

Retail@emmaus Suffolk.org.uk 07533882343