#BuySocial: ABC Life Support

#BuySocial: ABC Life Support


What does your social enterprise sell?

ABC Life Support is a service led organisation which provides physical and mental first aid training to organisations and individuals across the UK.

We then deliver subsidised or free training to vulnerable or disadvantaged parents using profit.


How can members of the public/businesses buy it?

Members of the public can book on to our courses via our website or directly via the office by calling or email.


Why should people try to #buysocial? What impact do your customers make?

By buying social, especially for a company or individual who have to do this for a job role, it is a great opportunity to do something for the greater good.


Why did you start your social enterprise/what motivates you and/or your team?

ABC Life Support is a social enterprise that was devised because I truly believe that everybody should get the opportunity to have access to a life - saving skills regardless of socioeconomic and financial limitations.


What does 'success' look like for your social enterprise?

Success would be a constant stream of course deliveries to a number of community groups, corporate companies and individuals across the UK. Hearing about real impact on a daily basis would be wonderful and it would be great to see numbers of NHS admissions lower because of the empowering and impactful training that we deliver.


What's been the most difficult thing about running your social enterprise?

Having a number of roles when my strengths are few! I know what I am good at, I know what I love to do but I also am aware that as the CEO/Founder, my role is so much more. To this end, the solution, which is to pass on the roles that I don't want to do, should be the easiest thing in the world. However this is the hardest thing to do because I find it hard to let go of something so important to me.


What's been the most rewarding experience running your social enterprise?

Hearing from the people that have used the skills that they have been taught and have saved a life. To hear that they understand process and feel that they can do something positive at a time when they may have felt hopeless. Empowering people.


Contact details: Danielle Bridge - Danielle@abclifesupport.co.uk

Web address: www.abclifesupport.co.uk

Twitter: @abclifesupport.co.uk