Businesses get free digital advice

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Monday 12th October, 2015 - Rural businesses in East Anglia are being offered the chance to get digital advice for free.


Realise Futures business development trainer Jamie Mortimer has already helped 20 businesses in the region since May with sessions funded by social enterprise The Tinder Foundation on behalf of the Prince's Countryside Fund.


The aim is to provide 40 rural businesses and start-ups with two hours of free digital advice, and the scheme was launched at the Anglia Business Anglia Business Exhibition at Trinity Park earlier this year - and he has 20 places left to fill.


Jamie said: "So far we've supported 20 business across Norfolk and Suffolk on identifying how digital technology and skills can help them in many different ways.


"For example, we've helped a business create its own logo and graphics for its business website, and we've helped office staff get to grips with using mail merge to produce their own mail out to existing clients.


"We've also helped a number of very different businesses with their websites - from search engine optimisation, developing easy-to-maintain websites that businesses can do themselves, and we've helped people really start to engage with the public using social media."


Jamie, who works for Realise Futures Learning and Development - a leading provider of adult education in Suffolk - is a technology manager and has worked as a business analyst and IT project manager.


He said: "We have been given funding by The Tinder Foundation on behalf of the Prince's Countryside Fund. This runs for a year and we aim to reach 40 businesses.


"We were approached by The Tinder Foundation to participate in the project because they liked the ethos of Realise Futures, which is a social enterprise, and the way we engage with the community. We run learning courses throughout the county for about 8,000 people each year.


"I'd like to hear from any businesses and start-ups that need some help with their digital requirements - literally anything from basic advice about what sort of network they will should get, to working out the type of IT system needed to secure sales on the technological side. I have some good ideas of how they can save time and money.


"I also do courses in social media for businesses and this might be something of interest. I will visit the business at their premises, and the advice is free."


Anyone interested in free digital advice for their business can contact Jamie directly on 01473 275924.


Natalie Thorpe, project manager for The Tinder Foundation, said: "We are delighted to be working work with Realise Futures Learning and Development over the next 12 months on the Digital Advice Hubs project. 


"Realise Futures brings passion and experience in working with both new and established SMEs and is ideally situated - working in one of our target rural areas - covering Suffolk and the surrounding countryside."


Realise Futures is a specialist provider of employment support services, learning and development, and is the largest provider of careers advice services in the East of England.