Benefits of a networking organisation

Benefits of a networking organisation  From Roger Wilson-Hinds


I have been running a Charity called Communication for Blind and Disabled People for many years, providing free screen reading software for those in need.  We also invented, developed and launched  an award winning product called GeorgiePhone.GeorgiePhone is an easy to use smartphone with a suite of specially developed tools utilities and applications that enable people with little or no sight to live, communicate and travel independently.

GeorgiePhone is changing lives for its users helping them live independently and liberating them by reducing their need to call on other for help. The inbuilt tools and utilities help with simple every day tasks most people take for granted.

Here are just five examples of how GeorgiePhone helps every single day:

1.     Find your favourite red t-shirt or pair of your socks(With Colour Recognition)

2.      Read the mail or a menu in a café(With Document Scanner/Reader)

3.      Open a tin of tomatoes rather than a can of custard!(With Object Recognition)

4.      Keep in touch with your family and friends(Using Voice Text and Simple Dialler)

5.      Travel in to town to meet friends or to go to the shops(Using Talking Directions and Bus Finder with Journey Tracker)


I had been struggling to get the product to market and make sales.   Through SEEE I made contact with professional managers, including Pilot Fish Partnership,  that have helped me put in place a working business structure, raise finance and launch the product.  You can see the product on line at we are now selling in the UK and soon will be selling in international markets and launching new products.


We are still searching for companies and individuals who may be able to help us achieve our global goal of making GeorgiePhone"The first choice smartphone solution for people with little or no sight."


I would like to thank SEEE and encourage all members to make the most of the networks that are out there, ready and willing to help your organisation reach its full potential also.